Mincraft as a vehicle for outreach?

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My 9 yr old wants to play Minecraft and I started to read up on it… so I decided that I should consider running it on the OKD server I have in the garage… Let’s see if anyone out there has an openshift project I can clone…

Hey kid, the First One is free

So I discover that our very own @jwf got pulled into this scene via Minecraft (the gateway app). Does anyone run minecraft on Openshift or is that silly?
Would I be better off just creating a VM and installing Spigot as suggested in this popular tutorial: https://maciej.lasyk.info/2018/Feb/04/minecraft-python-and-fedora/ ?

I have heard of people usingMinecraft as a UI for k8s and I wonder if we have considered using it as a virtual community for people to discover fedora using virtual neighborhoods, like the amusement park for kids, the warehouse district for the teenage ravers, the Tea garden for the new age meditation types, the Victoria&Albert for the calligraphers and visual media crowd, etc.

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Oh yeah, I forgot about that article. :slightly_smiling_face:

I personally haven’t heard much about Minecraft in OpenShift, but I have for Kubernetes. A few of the largest Minecraft minigame server networks were exploring Kubernetes to scale their game servers. This was in 2016 or 2017, so I would guess there might be more content out there now.

Here’s some useful bookmarks I’ve collected over the years. Actually IBM has written about deploying a Spigot server to Kubernetes too:

Four years ago (:scream:), I actually wrote this email draft to the Fedora Marketing list that I never sent. Why, I don’t remember. But I had some thoughts on the outreach angle of how Minecraft could be a useful engagement tool for Fedora to younger audiences.


While I do not believe that Minecraft would be the way to go (it is
proprietary, and cannot be included in Fedora), we could certainly do
something similar with Minetest.

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And Minetest is more open to modding and all the programming can be done just with Lua.