Migrating the Release Notes repo

In last week’s meeting, we discovered that I didn’t create a GitLab migration issue for the Release Notes repo. In general, we’re declaring issue/PR bankruptcy as we migrate repos, but that’s less appropriate for this particular repo. I see three options:

  1. Write a script to migrate the issues. In theory, this shouldn’t be too hard. Both Pagure and GitLab allow for issue read/write via API, so it should be pretty straightforward to read issues from Pagure, remap fields, and create GitLab issues. Someone may have written such a script already.
  2. Manually re-create open issues in GitLab. This is essentially a manual version of the above. It’s a pretty simple copy-paste that would probably take me an hour or two. I don’t mind doing it, and it might be faster than option 1.
  3. Create new issues in GitLab but use the old issues in Pagure. This is the least up-front effort, but it will be confusing. We have F37 and F38 Changes accepted already, so we’ll be working in two repos for a while.

I could live with any of these. Anyone have a particular preference (in particular, I’d like to hear from @pbokoc )

There was this that was floating around late last year (IIRC the Ben was / is a CPE intern)