Migrate KDE to LXQT

One of my old laptop has KDE.
I want to change KDE to LXQT without reinstall system.

I plan to do so:

  1. install LXQT

dnf groupinstall “LXQT Desktop”

  1. Reboot to LXQT

  2. Remove KDE
    dnf groupremove “KDE (K Desktop Environment)”
    dnf groupremove “KDE Plasma Workspaces”

Is this a real plan?


When switching DEs, I prefer to use dnf swap, when possible. The end result is usually cleaner because some components can be shared between DE groups.

If it was me, I would switch to a TTY and use dnf swap to replace the old group with the new. I have never done this with kde/lxqt but I used to do this with gnome/kde quite regularly.



I’d not try groupremove commands individually, since they may pull out some DE independent but critical packages. Either dnf swap, or dnf shell would be preferred.

With dnf shell, you should be able to do:

groupremove "KDE Plasma Workspaces`
groupinstall "LXQt Desktop"
transaction list 
# verify that the right packages are modified
transaction run

Do see man dnf to confirm these commands etc. please.


Thanx. learned a lot of new things.

I’d like not so fast

Firstly test LXQT
then remove KDE

need to think…

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