Midnight Commander on Siverblue

Hi !

The question is old, I saw it on the forums for Fedora Silverblue 30, but unfortunately there was no clear answer. Also a lot of time has already passed since that moment.

How I can install Midnight Commander in Silbverblue 35 beta? In Flatpak repositories I can’t find it (flatpak search midnight)/(flatpak search mc). Is it advisable to interfere the Flatpak-installations with the rpm-ostree-installation?


Generally speaking, if you want an application like that and it isn’t available as a flatpak and doesn’t make sense to run in a toolbox or container, you need to layer it in with rpm-ostree.

I would, however, warn you that if you do that too often you will end up with a mess of layers. Silverblue is really more suited to use cases where you can live with a combination of flatpak/toolbox/container-based solutions.

Thank you so much for your reply!

I would not like to impose an extra layer on the entire system because of one application. This was the reason that I wrote this question here. I didn’t find Midnight Commander in the places where it could be put flatpack. But, fortunately, you can do without it.

It seems to me that, if earlier all applications were concentrated in distribution-repositories, then with the use of flatpack, this ideology slowly turns into two types, that will exist in parallel:

when applications are concentrated in a distribution-independent store (this is known and declared everywhere as the advantages of flatpack)

when applications need to be installed from the developer’s site, also using flatpack,

…but that is just my opinion.

Thanks a lot !