"Microsoft basic data" partition label


When I open Dolphin (on Fedora 31 KDE) to mount some of my hard drive partitions, I noticed that some unlabeled NTFS partitions are listed as “300.0 GiB Hard Drive”, “7.2 TiB Hard Drive” and such, but others are only titled “Microsoft basic data”. Since I have several such partitions with the same title, this is obviously less useful.

I believe they came about when I converted one of my MBR disks to GPT using gdisk some time ago. I presume gdisk inserted this provisory label and that this is not a necessity of GPT, since the 8TB drive shows up with the usual size-based title. This provisory label doesn’t show up under Windows (the drive appears unlabeled there).

Does anyone know how to remove this so I can get these partitions to again show up as “xxx.x GiB Hard Drive”?

You should be able to change partition labels safely using gparted (or parted, if you can endure without a graphic interface)

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I’ve managed to get rid of the text. It turns out gparted not only lets me set a “label” but also a “name”. The labels on these partitions were empty (as expected, since they showed up unlabeled under Windows, but the names were set to “Microsoft basic data”. After setting their names to empty value, I’ve gotten back the “xxx.x GiB Hard Drive” titles.

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