Microphone Problem with Firefox (from Fedora repo)

In Fedora Magazine recently, it was indicated that Ask Fedora is moving here, but I see nowhere to ask, so I will post here. I am a longtime Fedora user, since RedHat 5.0.

The issue I am unable to solve is with Firefox (installed from the Fedora repo/KDE spin):

I am trying to learn Russian using Rosetta Stone (free with my local library). I have been using Google Chrome without incident, but when I open Rosetta Stone in Firefox, I am unable to use the microphone.

I have searched the web and located articles from Mozilla and other sources addressing other users’ issues with the microphone and the setting of permissions, but it simply does not work.

Whenever the language program asks me to speak, the upper left corner of the window flashes wildly (I am unable to determine what it says) and when I click the ‘swimming sperms’ (lol) symbol in the address bar, I can set the microphone permission for the site, but nothing works. I am unable to speak using the microphone. The upper left corner flashes wildly all over again.

I have checked and the correct microphone is selected. I only have one, but I think the headphone jack on the laptop is the second one, but I am not using that, just the built-in one: Alder Lake PCH-P High Definition Audio Controller Digital Microphone.


FWIW, this is still in progress, and https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/ is currently still the best place. You’ll probably get better/faster help there if you’d like to delete this and post there instead — but you can also just leave this here and we’ll shuffle it into the right place when the merge completes.

Thanks, Matthew. Let’s shuffle this “into the right place when the merge completes.” I am in no hurry, as it works fine in Chrome.

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The problem appears to have resolved without issue in Fedora 39. I am able to use the microphone in Firefox with the Rosetta Stone learning web site.