Microcode_ctl and dracut

On my minimal install of Fedora Server I noticed ther is no microcode_ctl package, so I installed it. I also needed to run dracut -f to make it load automatically on boot. However, if microcode_ctl package is ever updated, does dracut -fneed to be run every time? If so, can I automate this?


IF you installed it from an enabled repo (fedora or otherwise) then it should automatically be updated along with all the other packages on the system. If you did not get it from an enabled repo then it will not be automatically updated.

This is standard for all software on fedora.

The use of dracut was needed to put the module into the existing kernel and initramfs images, but would not have been necessary if the driver were already loaded when a kernel update was done since those files are generated automatically with updates.

I installed it from official repo but it was not installed on minimal Server install of Fedora.

Surprisingly, installing microcode_ctl didn’t rebuild initramfs so I had to run dracut -f (shouldn’t this actually be in a scriplet of microcode_ctl?)

After installing new kernel, initramfs is rebuilt as part of dnf transaction. However, it’s not for microcode_ctl. So, this is my question, since a new kernel requires rebuilding initramfs each time, will a new microcode version require doing it too?

I would guess that may be an oversight of the developers. It is standard for that package to be installed with almost all spins, but I can see why it may not be for a minimal install (attempting to keep the installed size as small as possible).

I would suggest that you file a bug for the fact it is not installed with a minimal install since it seems it actually is needed.

I wasn’t really worried about microcode_ctl no being installed as much as that installing it required manual dracut -f to actually use it, otherwise it wouldn’t be used.

So, my big question now is, do I need to dracut -f every time microcode_ctl package is updated, or is once enough?