Version 3.35 built for el8 and el9 alongside rawhide in order to have the same (and locked) version on all operating systems. Use-cases for using this copr repo can include:

  • user needs newer version then what's available on el8 AppStream
  • user needs sub-packages (fio engines) not available in AppStream
  • user needs same version on all OS (performance testing, etc..)

Small changes to the specfile were needed to be able to use a single srpm on all chroots.

Build note: rhel8-ppc64le needs pmdk module to be enabled to satisfy buildrequires (libpmem devel packages). Not sure why it is needed only on this architecture.

Installation Instructions

  1. enable this copr repo
  2. dnf install fio

Note that default dnf config installs weak dependencies. If you don't want to install all fio engines and their dependencies, use this command: dnf install --setopt=install_weak_deps=false fio you can then install only what you need, for example: dnf install fio-engine-libaio

Active Releases

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