Meta-policy for the Matrix SIG

This policy is especially for @bcotton, but he’s not wrong.

This SIG is ad-hoc – I want to start working on things without bothering with stuff like “governance policies”, not because I don’t love those things, but because I can only be effective at shaving one yak at a time. Therefore:

Until we have a formal charter, Fedora Matrix policy drafts will be ratified by the Council after we come to general agreement here.

The goal is for the primary discussion, drafting, amending, and etc. to be done here, and interested @council members who have strong opinions should participate at this stage. The ratification is intended to be a formal check rather than another round of refinement.

Policy posts which are drafts will be tagged with “proposal”. Once they are ratified, a comment saying so will be added and that tag removed. Except for this policy, which I am hearby declaring official using a rare poke of my well-I’m-the-FPL-and-I-say-so stick.