Meeting Proposal: Technical Discussion and Next Steps

Hello Fedora community! We have been in discussion with the Fedora Council (Ticket #349 Trademark Approval Request: for our exciting new project, We would like to talk through some of the details and wanted to open up the discussion to the community. We are targeting to have the meeting on March 3, 4, or 5. I wanted to get feedback on what times work best. We are thinking morning time (Eastern Standard Time (NYC)) on one of those days, but wanted to see what works best! Looking forward to chatting and will provide the link after we have locked down the time. Thanks!


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04-Mar or 05-Mar work for me after 9:30 am EST


The 4th is best for me.

Do you have a link to the ticket #349 ?

Lets plan to have the meeting at 10AM Eastern Standard Time on March 4th. The link for the video call will be:

See everyone soon!

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Sounds good — see you then!