Mce [Hardware Error]


A few days ago my PC started to auto restart on its own and I noticed it was only when I was playing a game.

In my error logs it just throws up a MCE hardware error from the kernel and I can’t do the command mcelog because it throws up this error

"mcelog: ERROR: AMD Processor family 23: mcelog does not support this processor. Please use the edac_mce_amd module instead.

My first thought is to run memtest86+ and it passes twice so no issues there, I then update the bios to the latest release. (It is left on default with no overclocking etc)

Nothing… still having the issue. I backup my drive then reinstall Fedora all together thinking maybe something just got messed up, goes smooth until I go to launch a game and same issue.

I then try an older kernel from boot in this case 5.7… now this is kind of weird. It booted into 5.7 and made sure it was using 5.7 and it crashes again, but this time when I logged back in it was saying 5.8 had crashed?? So I tried again this time it said 5.7 had crashed so at this point I’m at a total loss.

I do more searching and find there are a lot of people with this issue and no real answer to the problem.

I was reading some where that c-states might be the issue, but I don’t have a c-state option in my bios and why would it just be causing issues now if that’s the case?

My specs are

Taichi 570x
vega frontier
32gb ram
Fedora 32 kernel 5.8