Mari0 - Super Mario Brothers + Portal

I tend to avoid games using copyrighted graphics but I decided to try this one out. I think it could be an amazing game. With new graphics/levels/sounds, it could be different from the two games it combines. Unfortunately that would be a lot of work.

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I started replacing the images in Mari0. It will be a long time until it is completely updated.

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I had SO much fun with this years ago and couldn’t find it when I was thinking about it the other day. I’m so excited to have found it here of all places out of nowhere! :smiley:

Would it be too weird/difficult to try and use SuperTux graphics :laughing: ?

It might be possible. If the sprite sizes aren’t the same adjust that can be a lot of work. For example the Peach replacement is from:

It was not the right size so I had to scale it down. The result isn’t bad but I don’t think it is great either.

Edit: Forgot to mention I do want the game to have it’s own styles. It’s better if you can look at mari0 and SuperTux and immediately see they are different.

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There are two other major forks of Mari0 I’ve found:

Community Edition
This fork is based off the Special Edition Beta that was released. Stabyourself decided to cancel development of that version.

Alesan’s Entities
A mod to Mari0 to add a bunch of enemies and other features.

Both forks are under WTFPL instead of MIT like the original codebase. Not sure why that is. The creators of Mari0 know about them so maybe they had approval for the change.

I intend to keep with the original codebase. The reason is that I already have a lot of work to replace the graphics, sounds and levels. These forks have even more content that would need to be replaced.

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I’ve replaced all the graphics on the first level except Mario. (Actually the fire flower hasn’t been replaced either.)

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The unfinished sequel Mari0 2 is available on github.

I’m still going to continue with the original. A lot of graphics have been replaced. I’ve also been replacing sounds.

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