Note: This repo builds unstable (rc) kernels. You will likely want to hand-pick kernels for testing from this repo and not blindly upgrade. See kernel-efi-megieg25m-stable for stable kernels.

A Fedora-based kernel package override supporting both PinePhone and PinePhone Pro. You will also require marcin/pine COPR for eg25-manager.

You will require an EFI-compatible partition layout (along with grub, shim, grubby). For example one of those:

  • A ready image:
  • OSBuild for building the image:

In marcin/pine COPR you will have a pinephone-pro-megieg25m-kernel package, which is aimed for non-EFI deployments (ie. Yoda's images). This kernel package isn't maintained anymore, it's not a Fedora kernel and it's only compatible with PinePhone Pro. It's recommended to migrate your images to EFI layout and kernel-efi-megieg25m

An alternative to this COPR for PinePhone Pro is javierm's kernel: . This kernel is also Fedora-based, it is much closer to mainline, but may not include all latest patches for PPP hardware support. And it doesn't attempt running on the A64 PP at all.

I provide my repo for experimental purposes.

Installation Instructions

Instructions not filled in by author. Author knows what to do. Everybody else should avoid this repo.

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