Manual partitions

Hi, Iam new on Fedora ,I will install the OS on a HDD 1Tb Sata but the machine a Dell3420 has got UEFI, no BIOS, I would like to create manual partitions . May I have some tips how to do it? Do I have to make a boot Uefi partition?,
RAM memory is 8 Gb, How many Gbs should swap partition have?

Thank you very much

Fedora 38
No swap partition normally needed.
UEFI is fine, and I would suggest that you do the automatic install and let the machine create the partitions for you.

If doing so manually then
/boot/efi is the ESP partition at about 600MB
/boot as ext4 at about 1GB
the rest as BTRFS with subvolumes ‘home’ mounted at /home and ‘root’ mounted at /

This is approximately what the system would create when using the auto-partitioning for the install.


I’d suggest to go with the 600 MB for /boot/efi, because of this.