Making way for the future

Hi folks, while I had to miss today’s meeting for $dayjob reasons, I
had an overdue to-do on my list to discuss my future with Magazine.

I started working with Ryan Lerch on reviving the Magazine several
years ago, and I would argue we were very successful. Several awesome
folks like Adam and Clément soon joined us in this work, with great
results. We went a few 10K’s of views a year up to over 2 million just
a couple years ago. We established a good-looking visual theme, and an
open and transparent editorial process that also provided quality for
the readers.

But most importantly, thanks to progress such as Adam moving us to an
easier discussion platform, Discourse, and a kanban-style method of
tracking work, we have a steady stream of new contributors. In fact,
there are more people contributing now than I remember ever seeing 3
or 4 years ago. This makes me tremendously hopeful for the future of

I think the Magazine has always had numerous leaders – not just one.
So I only see myself as “an editor,” someone who was a co-leader with
other Fedora folks. That being said, one of the goals for any
community leadership is to remove obstacles from people’s way so they
can do and own work. Having the tools support all the contributors
involved has been a major success on that path.

Over the last five years a lot of things have changed both at work and
in my personal life. Lately, I’ve struggled to find time to work on
Magazine. But more importantly, I feel lately there is solid, fresh
leadership around the Magazine, that needs to be unfettered to do what
they feel is right. They should feel confident in making decisions and
owning the direction of the Magazine – folks like Stephen, Greg, Ben,
and others who have stepped up to do excellent work.

So rather than unintentionally being an obstacle, it’s a good time for
me to step back and make room for others to lead the Magazine forward.
That being said, if there is anything I can do or clarify to make
that easier, I remain at your service!


Hello @pfrields,
I have been reading the Fedora Magazine articles (posts) since they began and you have always been a central figure around the Magazine. I don’t see that changing, sorry. I understand $dayjob demands, since mine is service based sometimes it gets super busy, like now. You’re certainly right about more contributors now, and the content we get is good material, that I hope is still up to the standards you, Ryan, and others have set.
When you speak of leading, I have found this group is a group of leaders, or they have that potential. But more importantly is they work as a team and independently too to keep the content flowing.
The Fedora community in general is a helpful place, and this spirit is also seen through the articles posted by the Fedora Magazine, the content comes from the community.


First, I want to recognize your decision to step away. I know I find it incredibly challenging to admit when I can’t devote the time and effort to a project. I appreciate you setting an example here.

But more importantly, your effect on the Magazine over years cannot be overstated. The health of the Magazine is a testament to the work you’ve put in. The fact that we have a healthy contributor workflow and a robust editorial team is a big deal. You’ve gone well beyond what anyone could have asked. Thank you for all of the time you put into Fedora Magazine. We’ll do our best to build on your legacy.

On a personal note, Paul is one of the first friends I made when I joined the Fedora Docs team 11 years ago. I’m very glad I get to keep working with him by virtue of our dayjobs. I hope this makes him blush a little bit.


Super nice of you to say all that Ben. In truth Ryan and Adam have put in as much or more work than I ever did over that time! And now you guys are doing great stuff too. Key thing Karsten Wade told me when I took over Docs many years ago… When there are good folks around who know what they’re doing, and are already doing it, the best thing you can do is get out of their way. :slight_smile: