Making Music on Fedora – Interest in (resuscitating) a SIG?

@ycollet, I’ve assigned the ticket to me.

One thing I noticed, the ticket follows the normal “bug” format which is mostly free-form – usually Package Review tickets adhere to a certain format containing some structured data which other tickets don’t. The contributor section in the Package Review Process has a link “request for review in Bugzilla” which prefills the Summary and Description fields with the package review template. I’m not sure if the automatized tooling which later creates the repository will be happy that, but let’s assume it will – if not, we’ll find out and work around later.

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@hankuoffroad this concerns the room URL, right? I would say let’s take the short option “music-audio”, we can be more verbose in the human-readable title.

OK, thanks for the link. I think the best thing to do is to create a new ticket in the good category. I will post you the ticket once this is done.

Thanks for setting everything up! <3

So one thing I believe that’s definitely warranted is a guide on how to set up a Fedora system for low-latency audio. There are a lot of guides out there floating around, in various stages of usefulness, applicability, and depth, but seeing how most of the ecosystem is (probably?) in the process of moving to Pipewire which has recently hit 1.0, it’s probably not a terrible idea to have something for it.

I’m using stock Fedora Kinoite (no special audio distro) and am using 99% Flatpak’ed stuff with Pipewire-JACK. It’s taken a lot of reading to get things working and correct, but ultimately not a lot of configuration. I’m hopeful that it won’t be too hard to write something up.

Edit: Related, @nphilipp is packaging j-a-c-k-example-clients so jack_iodelay will soon be back in Fedora.

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I’m another Kinoite user for audio setup :slight_smile:

The new Matrix room is made. As soon as you join, infra team will make you moderator and you can set topic/room icon.

Room URL:


I just found this conversation. Niceeeee!

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I’d love to take this invigorating discussion into a preliminary next plan that we can all shape up in our wiki page, and further on in 2024.

  • QA test criteria for audio for each release: what advantages does Fedora Linux have for sound engineers and music production? What is current QA test criteria? Is there a need to make criteria up to date?
    – Latency: how to measure it? What scenario and reference device do we need to consider?

Realtime kernel, Digital Audio Workstation, Audio interface (direct monitoring on or off), PipeWire

  • User experience perspective
    I/O setup, routing, JACK audio

Hi all, could you let me know your views on my suggestions to rewrite solutions made on Ask Fedora for Quick Docs? Please check this link and cast your vote. Thanks.