Make virsh nodedev-detach <pci-device> permanent


I try to setup a Fedora 38 Sericea as Host for an OpenWRT and an Nextcloud VM, i want the 5 (or 6) Network Jacks of the Odroid H3+ assinged to the OpenWRT VM and the Sata Controller to the Nextcloud VM.

My problem now is when i set managed in the XML of the PCIe Passtrought in virt-manager everything works fine but when an VM is Shutdown the Device goes back to the Host, when i set managed to no it stays detach, but i need to detach it after every reboot, how can i make the detach permanent? So it is never atached to the host?

I tried pciback.hide and vfio-pci.ids in rpm-ostree kargs without effect…

PS: I set the Silverblue Tag because Sericea also uses ostree, and i thing this should not be different because of Desktop…

Just mark the interface as unmanaged by NetworkManager and/or systemd-networkd, and there’s likely no need to go beyond that.

Thanks for the Network Jacks that’s the behaviour i wanted, is there a way to do something similar to the Sata controller? (like declaring the hole thing as noauto or so?)

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