Make end of installation instructions clearer

Everytime I have a new user install Fedora for the first time, they are
puzzled by the end of installion.

There is a button to “Finish install” with fine text about restarting.
When you click it, the installation app is closed and you are left
staring at a blank desktop.

It would be clearer to offer a “Finish and restart” button that triggers
a restart. This sequence should be accompanied by a clear prompt on when
to safely remove the installation medium (USB).

Please let me know where better to provide this feedback.


This is a good place for this feedback. Thanks! I’d recommend adding the #workstation-wg and #anaconda tags to increase the chances that the right people will notice your feedback. :slight_smile: (The #installation tag was a good guess, but is mostly used by users requesting help with installing Fedora Linux.)


I appreciate the guidance very much! Tags added.

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Ubuntu install prompts restart, then hangs at a screen that say something to the effect of “Remove install medium and press ENTER”. Upon hitting enter, the reboot resumes. I found this very nice.

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