Make default flatpak installs optional on SB32

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I’m not sure why the decision was made to include default flatpaks during installation, but I very much liked the clean installs prior to 32.

Can this not be an option during installation? I do of course use flatpaks, but I want to install certain things only. Now on my new install I had to remove things I will never use.

Package group selection during install used to be a thing in past versions of Fedora, but has fallen out of favor for some reason on the more recent installers. I suppose with the Software Center it is as easy to remove applications there as it is to un-select them during install. However, I do tend to prefer a more minimal install and I think Fedora has a good balance between minimal and kitchen-sink approach.

No, it won’t be possible. As you mentioned you can remove the Flatpaks if you don’t want to have them installed. Previously we didn’t preinstall any Flatpaks because, we a) didn’t have them created b) we didn’t have a way to preinstall them. In the future we expect to add more to the default set, so it’s the same as on Fedora Workstation.

Including even more flatpaks will make the install image even bigger…
Do you have any solution on how to keep it under 2,5GB?

I mean they all rely on org.fedora.Platform, isn’t that so?
As long as they all target the same runtime the amount of Flatpak apps being pre-installed wouldn’t really exponentially affect the installation image’s size.
Of course including more stuff in general is going to get the iso bulkier regardless of their format.

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