Make available to other users causes FortiClient to not work

Hello Fedora community,

Today I experienced a weird problem. I was trying to set up FortiClient, but the connection failed with correct credentials. I checked the logs and an exception was printed exception: Backup routing table failed. Then I searched for a solution and as it turns out, disabling “Make available to other users” in my WLAN settings solved the problem.

Even though my VPN works now, I’m left curious:

  1. What does the “Make available to other users” WLAN setting do?
  2. How could turning on this setting negatively impact my VPN connection?

Thank you for helping!

It means that when you create a new connection, like a VPN or join a Wi-Fi network, other users of the device will be able to use that connection too. When you install FortiClient it’s likely creating a service account and needs “Make available to other users” enabled so it can monitor those.

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That explains part 1. of the question, thanks. The weird thing is, that disabling, not enabling, this setting will make FortiClient work properly.