Magazine responsibilities questionnaire

As part of the Ambassadors Revamp process, the Mindshare Committee is collecting information from all of the teams on that side of the house. They contacted me about Magazine, so I’m presenting my draft answers here for feedback.

  • Team name: Fedora Magazine
  • Summary: Fedora Magazine is a site which delivers the user-focused news of the Fedora Community.
  • Preferred asynchronous communication channel (mailing list, discussion.fp.o, etc): Magazine category on
  • Preferred synchronous (IRC channel, telegram, etc, none): #fedora-magazine on freenode IRC
  • Issue tracker: No general-purpose issue tracker
  • Documentation:
  • Meetings times and locations (if applicable): Wednesdays at 8am Eastern in #fedora-meeting
  • Define the current responsibilities of your Team: Publish high-quality, user-focused news, tutorial, and information content about the Fedora Project
  • Define the current goals of your Team:
    • Publish three articles per week
  • What is the greatest strength of your team? We have well-defined and refined process for bringing in new content from contributors.
  • What is the greatest weakness of your team? Contributions, both from writers and editors, are not steady
  • What are the long term plans for the team (if applicable)? Keep being awesome
  • Is there anything you can consider a “Mission Statement” for your Team? no
  • Is there a specific task or issue that your Team needs help for from the Mindshare Committee? no
  • Is there some function/activity you would like to see your Team doing that they aren’t doing currently? WordPress development (particularly integrating WordPress into fedora-messaging)

Thoughts? I’d like to have this resolved by the end of this week if we can.

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It looks good to me! +1 :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @bcotton,
You have thought this out pretty well. +1 from me fwiw.

“Keep being awesome” is somewhat status quo. But to be honest I’ve pondered that next step many times and haven’t come up with anything better. I would say this is a relatively successful initiative. With recent additions of editors, doing better than a year ago. So yay!

Big 'ol same. I think there’s something to be said for being content with where we are. I don’t see us being stagnant; instead we’re good at fulfilling our mission. This is particularly true with our recent increases in editors and improvements we’ve made to the process.