Magazine badges: what we have and what we could add

Did you know we have Badges?

What we don’t have is a good process for making sure they get awarded. Once a month, I grant badges for Community Blog contributions, so I’m happy to do that for Magazine as well. Or if we’d like a different process, that’s great, too. A long-term solution might be to get WordPress to emit fedora-messaging messages, but that’s a lot more more work.

I also have some ideas for additional badges:

  • A series for writing multiple articles (maybe 5, 10, 25. Anything beyond that seems unlikely to be reached any time soon)
  • A badge for being a member of the editorial team
  • A badge for committing an article to the images repo

What do y’all think? Improvements to my ideas are very much welcome.

I’m only vaguely aware that they exist. I’ve wondered before what it was about, but it never seemed important enough to investigate. Having read your proposed list, I get the impression that they are some sort of metadata tags for user profiles?

I guess I don’t have any ideas for new ones (or I don’t understand the system well enough to know what would be an improvement).

Hello @bcotton,
+1 from me, I think that is a good idea. It is another way for the community to recognize the efforts of magazine contributors. On a related topic, being active on this discussion.fp.o site also will grant users badges as they achieve relevent milestones I would think.

They’re “awards” for certain activities within Fedora. Dopamine hits by way of gamification. You can look at the Badges site for more. One way they’re nice is as a way to motivate behavior we want more of. For example, I’ve provided Bodhi package feedback and run kernel test suites for the express purpose of getting a badge.

Since nobody said “oh no, this is terrible, please don’t do this!” I’ll submit these ideas to the badges team tomorrow.


Sorry that I don’t have any good ideas about what behaviors to encourage. Though, now that I think about it again, maybe one just for proposing a magazine article? Or maybe better yet, one for proposing a magazine article that makes it to publication. I think the most general goal of the magazine is to produce more (quality) content.