Magazine and commblog editors -- auto-expire posts?

Hey everyone. As I was setting up the category for community blog post review, I wondered if it would be helpful to set older posts in these workflow categories to automatically close – or even to be automatically deleted. It seems like ancient posts here don’t really add much value, and even when set to low priority can confuse search results. What do you think about setting them to auto-close (or delete) after, say, six months with no activity or replies?


I’m all for it. Richard has been duplicating the proposals in the pagure tickets anyway, so no information will really be lost even if you delete them. My vote is to delete them. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The only possible use I see for the old posts is for reference to old article suggestions. If the suggestions are old enough there could be information in the post that was not captured in the Pagure tickets.

Perhaps it’s time for the “stalled” tickets to under-go a “gleaning”.

Aside from that I don’t have an issue with deleting anything 6 months old.

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I’ve now enabled auto-close on both categories. Delete is a bit harder so I’ll save that for later.

Is it possible to automatically migrate posts from one category to anothery?

I think I’d feel better seeing old posts filed away to an “Archive” category, rather than just deleted outright. Unless (as @glb says) they’re being duplicated elsewhere (with nothing lost in the transition), and we can expect that archive to be permanent.

It’s not trivial but should be possible. In this case, though — what really is the value? Old commentary and procedural actions… what’s a case when someone would ever want to check back?

It’s just my opinion, but my feeling is that anything of any value from the article proposals is being preserved in the actual article that gets published to Fedora Magazine.

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My thought is that it would be nice to have a persistent place to discuss meta topics about the Magazine and CommBlog, while having an auto-delete category for the “business as usual” type of review posts.

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Yes — that’s exactly the distinction between :category_project: Project Discussion and :category_workflows: Workflows posts.

BTW, @rlengland and @theevilskeleton – it is import to move anything that is not a proposal out of the workflow category; ever more so if things will be auto-deleted after a time. :slightly_smiling_face:

I haven’t seen many posts mislabeled that way though, so I don’t expect it to be a big problem.