Macbook keyboard doesn't work for disk encryption password

I’ve just installed Fedora 38 beta to my 2017 Macbook (Intel i5) with disk encryption. Apart from sound not working, the only other issue is that when I reboot and the input for the password to decrypt the drive pops up…the keyboard doesn’t work (it does work once I get past that though).

Thankfully, I’ve got an external USB keyboard that does work to type it in, but this is obviously not ideal. Any thoughts?

Thank you for separating the 2 issues (sound and keyboard) into 2 different threads. It makes it easier to work this way.

This issue seems that for some reason the keyboard is not properly configured by the bios & grub to input at the stage where the luks password needs input.
Does the built-in keyboard work once the system has finished boot?
If it does then it may be something in the decryption process itself that is not recognizing the keyboard input.

I wonder if this may be related.

That is definitely tied to mac machines (including the macbook) with intel processors.

Thanks, yes, the built-in keyboard does work once I get past the encryption password. I can use it to log into my user account and within the OS. Fwiw, it also works to select which drive to boot from in the bootloader (I’ve got macOS still on the machine). It’s only the encryption password that doesn’t recognize the keyboard.

Keyboards and touchpads used to be completely broken on Macs with the T2 security chip, because the kernel couldn’t see them. Recently there was some updates in kernel to make this work. Either it works already or your model wasn’t affected at all. The fact that it doesn’t work for password prompt suggests that it’s missing some kernel module that only gets loaded afterwards, I guess. Please report it to , possibly under kernel or dracut.