Mac Mini M1: Total black screen after upgrading m1n1

Today I upgraded m1n1 because of the announcement of the bug (although in my case in theory didn’t affect) but i did it in case. What I encountered no screen output whatsoever after selecting fedora to boot. All steps seemed ok (executing the installer from MacOS, rebooting into system recovery and rebooting when all steps completed). I thought maybe I didn’t wait enough time after the first shut down, but I installed another fedora, in this case fedora minimal and ensured i waited enough but it doesn’t boot also. It seems like a bug in the new version of m1n1. Or maybe it’s my machine? What could be?

Info: I hadn’t updated MacOS to 14.5 before upgrading m1n1, but when I encountered this I tried by updating MacOS, but didn’t work either.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, the upgrade is unfortunately broken on M1 / M1 Max / M1 Ultra desktop devices when installed as 1st stage bootloader via update in the installer. The issue is already fixed and needs to be rolled out via installer update. This should happen in the next few hours. Expect an announcement.

The installer update is rolled out. After updating m1n1 with the installer again the display should work. Sorry for the trouble.

Yes! It works now! Thank you Janne.