Mac Mini 2011 pink HDMI output to a TV

Had a mac mini 2011 as a HTPC but recent MAcosx is not supported and recent app versions all require a more recent Mac OS.
So I am installing Fedora, why not?..
Started the Live Image for fed39, all good! tested all the periferals, and all worked…
Formated Macosx, installed fedora… (albeit outdated installer :D) after first restart… All is pink. All was good with Live image. Now it’s not.
I have removed/reinstalled HDMI cable as it seems to be the typical culprit with no avail.
Where should I look next?

I seem to recall that most MACs use a broadcom wifi chipset which is not directly supported by fedora since it is a proprietary driver. The wifi driver is not required when using wired internet.

If you can get it to boot (probably by using nomodeset on the linux command line accessed by pressing e at the grub menu) then enable the rpmfusion repos as shown here. You need both the rpmfusion-free and the rpmfusion-free-tainted repost enabled. The broadcom wifi drivers can be installed with dnf using dnf install broadcom-wl broadcom-wl-firmware

Graphics seem to be done with nvidia GPU and once booted you can find out exactly which gpu is installed with lspci -nnk | grep -iA3 vga Once you know which nvidia GPU is installed then you can determine which nvidia driver is required. Newer gpus all use the newer drivers, but older gpus may require older drivers so it is important to know the gpu installed.

The newer drivers are installed using dnf install akmod-nvidia but the older drivers require a slightly differing command to specify the driver version being installed. The 2011 mac probably requires one of the older drivers.

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Many thxs for the pointers… will try to do it… the mac. mini uses a geforce 320M so you are right, old drivers (v340) will have to be procured… (also ethernet connected as to be a plex server)

In the meanwhile what I found odd was that in livecd (booting from USBSTICK) it works perfectly, and right after performing a 39 install it works also (had to do it due to nvidia drivers mixup). It just breaks after doing “sudo dnf update”.
Wait… if computer enters in screen downtime, when he gets back to live the issue is resolved… ??

Latest update: I gave up.

installing the nvidia 340xx drivers from rpmfusion-nonfree should work.

configure the repo as shown here

Then install the driver with dnf
sudo dnf install akmod-nvidia-340xx then wait 5 minutes before rebooting.

After that you should be able to use the nvidia drivers.
Note that as newer hardware is developed and newer kernels are released that gradually the older hardware will eventually no longer be able to function in spite of best efforts.

I did that …twice…
It might be something with my tv… It is also pretty old and needing a replacement.

Overall using a closed HW setup as a Apple computer, with Nvidia graphics probably not the best choice for this kind of endeavour.
Will think about a new tuxedo machine for Xmas :slight_smile:

Already back and running in macos high Sierra.

Thxs for the help!

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