LXQt spin installation defaults to a Weston desktop instead of the LXQt desktop


After you install the LXQt spin and reboot into the installed system, the SDDM login screen has a Weston desktop selected by default, instead of the LXQt desktop. If users don’t notice this and don’t change it to the habitual LXQt desktop, they appear in a Weston desktop instead.


This happens because LXQt spin kickstart doesn’t have an opinionated selection for SDDM.

Related Issue

Bugzilla report: #2188071


Right at the first boot after a fresh LXQt spin install, at the login screen (where you see your username and fill your password) look for the sessions dropdown list, at screen’s upper left corner and change Weston to LXQt desktop (see the screenshot above). That’s it, this way you will login at the usual LXQt desktop.

If you didn’t noticed that the first time you booted, and have already logged in a weston session, no need to be affraid just log out this session with a key combination Ctrl+Alt+Backspace and then switch to the LXQt desktop at the mentioned sessions dropdown list at the login screen.

This only happens at first login. After you change for the LXQt desktop session at the login screen, it remembers this for the next boot, so there’s no need to change it every time you boot.

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