LXQt and HiRes monitor

LXQt and HiRes monitor

Hi All!

Have a new netbook.
Monitor 12,5" inches
eDP-1 connected primary 1920x1080
Install Fedora 38 LXQt.

Have a problem.
Fonts too small.
In OpenBox Conf Manager slightly increased fonts. Got a little better.
But some application don’t increase his fonts.
For example
opera browser
(see screenshots)

Q. what am i doing wrong?


P.S. Google says mantra: “ubuntu-ubuntu-ubuntu” and nothing about Fedora :slight_smile:

Look for “DPI” or “scaling” settings.

I guess in LXQt Session Settings → Global Screen Scaling

See also:

The solution is so-so

I try ScaleFactor
fractional numbers (1,5 1,75 1.8) have no effect on browser opera menu font size
and only 2.0 increases it
even too much
1.5 will be just right for me

DPI did not try
there was no time
this is my friend’s laptop and he needed to go on a business trip
and my friend left with a poorly configured laptop

he will be back in a month
and I will continue