LXDE spin rollback?

Hi, I’m running f37 in a LXDE/Openbox spin. I used Stacer to clean some things and it deleted my application cache and some settings with it. I didn’t want to redo all of my settings. I could boot into the prior kernel with all of my settings intact but I couldn’t run the permanent rollback command. I didn’t have rpm-ostree so I installed it but after, it wouldn’t run the command. I think it’s because of the spin I’m using. Does anyone know how I could make it work? I ended up deleting the kernel I didn’t want and everything is fine now. Just curious. Thanks.

Restore missing packages

List all package groups by their ID:

sudo dnf group list --ids

Install missing packages for group LXDE Desktop:

sudo dnf group install lxde-desktop-environment --allowerasing 

Restore modified and missing files

Find modified and missing files:

sudo rpm -V -a

Restore files owned by RPM packages:

sudo dnf reinstall /path/to/file

See also: Selecting What to Verify, and How

Note that files in your home directory are not owned by any packages.
You should back up them beforehand to be able to restore later.

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