LWN subscription sponsorship

LWN is raising their subscription price starting Feb 1 (long overdue, and they deserve it and more).

It reminds me that given I’m benefiting from two group subscriptions (Fedora’s, back when we started this years ago, and my employer’s), I’ve been meaning to pay it forward by buying people subscriptions, and have only done it once so far as a one-off.

So - since apparently the Fedora group subscription is capped at 75 accounts (per the last email I could find), does anyone need a subscription who can’t afford it? And does anyone else want to gift subscriptions? Let’s use this thread to match each other up (please say a few words about what you do in Fedora, if you want a subscription, to help prioritize).


I love this. Count me in to fund a subscription or two.


If there are remaining group subscriptions I’d be happy to use one (mjg both here and over at LWN). Otherwise, I’ll continue reading the good free stuff :slight_smile:
(If you think about funding individuals I feel that people from other regions of the world, or different work-life situations, deserve your support much more than I do so please prioritize them.)

Fedora-wise, I got into packaging because I’m a long-time RedHat/Fedora user, and packaging is one way of giving back. Also, Fedora’s “FFF” describes quite well my stance towards OSS (and how this connects to my profession in science): open source for open minds!

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