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Okay, this is still pretty useful to have, but this package is not quite perfect.
First off, you’re going to need to install the rpm-fusion and rpm-sphere repositories to get the pam_python package - or you can find the file on your own :man_shrugging: It’s important to note that for the last couple of versions of fedora (from 29? onward), the location of the pam .so files is /lib64/security and NOT /lib/security. In fedora 33 you’re also going to need the dlib and python_dlib packages to get the package running correctly. After you’ve got those, you can go ahead and follow the instructions here to set it up. Note that you’ll need to edit the auth files in /etc/pam.d - look at issues in the repo or the arch wiki to see how to do that - start with the sudo file :wink:

Okay, that’s it for sudo, but what if you want to login using facial recognition into gdm? Well, that’s another topic. First off, you’ll need to edit the passwrod_auth.pam file and add the magical sufficient entry from the arch wiki or here. After that, if you lock your session and try to log back in you’ll see that there’s an unknown error 1 reported to gdm from howdy. After some digging, the solution turned out to be selinux - fedora and other redhat based distors run it in enforcing mode all the time - you can follow this page to stop it. I’ll update this thread when I find a more elegant solution

Hi, what’s the location of password_auth.pam file. It’s not there in /etc/pam.d although there’s a shortcut there for password_auth file. I added the sufficient line in it but still no face recognition during login.I have selinux disabled.Can u help ?

I’m on Fedora 34 (beta) and trying to add face (sudo howdy add) gives this:

Can’t import the dlib module, check the output of
pip3 show dlib

Trying to install dlib with pip3 gives error. Installing it with dnf doesn’t solve the problem.

Any clue?

Post installing dlib via dnf i had to reinstall howdy to make it work too.

sudo dnf install python3-dlib

Is there any hope for getting version 2.6.1?

Hello everyone,
Sorry for the lack on answers. As you noticed, the repository is stale due to the lack of time. I recommend to use principis/howdy Copr as it is the most up to date.