LUKS Password Prompt Spam

I’m running F36 in VMware Workstation. I set up encrypted root on install through Anaconda, and everything works fine. The anomaly is that on boot, when the LUKS prompt appears, the prompt will print again after every character typed. The passphase is still preserved and everything unlocks correctly; it just looks sloppy to have X password prompts appearing where X is the length of the passphrase.

I rebuilt the initrd with dracut (no effect). Crypttab and grub config appear normal.

That is interesting. I have never seen that in vmware workstation.

Is that the graphical password box or did you hit escape and use the text mode entry?

I’ve encountered this issue as well after the grub update that removes “rhbg” and “quiet”. It is an intentional change, but somewhat surprising if you were not aware of the change. However, the issue is merely cosmetic and it will input the password correctly.

Ahh…I am not using grub, perhaps that is why none of my installs are seeing this? I probably have the older kernel params still.

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This is text entry. I have rhgb and quiet removed from the boot parameters.

If this helps anyone else: I discovered the problem was with the underlying firmware choice. I rebuilt the VM and set the flag to EFI (vice BIOS). The password prompt now behaves normally and does not replicate itself after every character.

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