Luks Password Prompt in Clear Text

Since updating to Fedora 40 the disk encryption password prompt from LUKS is displaying in clear text. I don’t think I have to explain how bad that issue is.

The problems with LUKS already started with Fedora 38, on my fresh install most of the time the nice prompt screen wouldn’t display, but that was fixed by just pressing ESC on every boot. However, since upgrading to Fedora 40 the prompt screen doesn’t come up at all and pressing ESC just enters the escape character in the password field, on top of that the prompt is also displaying in cleartext. Even when trying to enter an empty password it’ll be clear again until the password is entered correctly and then there will be a duplicate line with the password censored.

I’m using the stock Fedora kernel and haven’t modified anything about the LUKS config. The only other issue I found was this issue from a decade ago on Ubuntu. It is displaying exactly the same behaviour.

Another issue that arose with version 40 is also a bunch of these “ACPI BIOS Error(bug): Failure creating named object” errors, but I don’t think these are related since they seem harmless according to other forum posts.

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This has been reported, fixed, and an update has been pushed, see Virtual Console shows LUKS2 password in plaintext when entering it manually - #10 by topfi

 sudo dnf update --refresh --enablerepo=updates-testing plymouth
 dracut --force

is all you need.


Added luks2, plymouth and removed f38

Sorry for the late reply, I forgot to send the draft ^^’

This does indeed fix the problem, I somehow didn’t find this report. Thank you!

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