Luks boot decryption fails after system freeze

My Laptop froze and after a hard shutdown the boot process won’t accept my disk encryption password anymore.
I have a ‘standard’ luks-inside-lvm setup, generated while installing fedora, split in a /root, /home and /swap partition, using Fedora 32.

Using fedora on live USB I can access the encrypted volumes and the data seems fine.
In ran fsck on the partition for good measure, fstab and crypttab seem fine.
cryptsetup --debug isLuks seems fine.
As far as I can tell the boot splash messages don’t report anything, except for the errors related to the ‘wrong’ password.

I tried to look into journalctl, but the entries stop hours before the system freeze occured (using journalctl -D mounted-root/var/log/journalctl) but maybe I’m doing it wrong.

I honestly don’t know what to look for, any help would be appreciated.

It turned out, that a faulty RAM module was the culprit here.

I still can’t really understand, how that prevented systemd-cryptsetup from unlocking, but not the manually executed cryptsetup, but at least here I am again with a working system.

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