Loupe not opening/viewing jpg and png images

Installing the flatpak version works, but the one installed with Gnome 46 doesn’t.

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Added quality-team and removed f40, flatpak, gnome

Bug here: 2272149 – Loupe cannot open JPEG images


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I upgrade from my F39 to F40 Beta, with the rpm installed loupe I can’t visualize any images, with feh, flatpak loupe etc works fine. The glycin-loaders packes is already installed (I did not install it) and is the only one available besides rust dev ones.

❯ doas dnf5 search glycin
Updating and loading repositories:
Repositories loaded.
Matched fields: name
glycin-loaders.x86_64: Sandboxed image rendering
rust-glycin+default-devel.noarch: Sandboxed image decoding
rust-glycin-devel.noarch: Sandboxed image decoding
rust-glycin-utils+default-devel.noarch: Sandboxed image decoding
rust-glycin-utils+image-devel.noarch: Sandboxed image decoding
rust-glycin-utils+image-rs-devel.noarch: Sandboxed image decoding
rust-glycin-utils-devel.noarch: Sandboxed image decoding

❯ doas dnf5 info glycin
Updating and loading repositories:
Repositories loaded.
No matching packages to list
❯ doas dnf5 info glycin-loaders
Updating and loading repositories:
Repositories loaded.
Installed packages
Name : glycin-loaders
Epoch : 0
Version : 0.1.2
Release : 4.fc40
Architecture : x86_64
Installed size : 15.7 MiB
Source : glycin-loaders-0.1.2-4.fc40.src.rpm
From repository :
Summary : Sandboxed image rendering
URL : Sophie Herold / glycin · GitLab
License : (Apache-2.0 OR MIT) AND BSD-3-Clause AND (MIT OR Apache-2.0) A
: ND Unicode-DFS-2016 AND (0BSD OR MIT OR Apache-2.0) AND Apache
: -2.0 AND (Apache-2.0 OR MIT) AND (Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-excepti
: on OR Apache-2.0 OR MIT) AND BSD-2-Clause AND LGPL-2.1-or-late
: r AND MIT AND (MIT OR Apache-2.0) AND (MIT OR Apache-2.0 OR Zl
: ib) AND (MIT OR Zlib OR Apache-2.0) AND MPL-2.0 AND (MPL-2.0 O
: R LGPL-2.1-or-later) AND (Unlicense OR MIT) AND (Zlib OR Apach
: e-2.0 OR MIT)
Description : Sandboxed and extendable image decoding.
Vendor : Fedora Project

Please read carfully:

Fabio Valentini 2024-03-29 20:34:21 UTC

Thank you! At this point I can think of two possible culprits:

  1. loupe 46.0 also requires updated glycin / glycin-loaders This would explain why both loupe 45.3 on >F40 and the loupe flatpak work.

  2. loupe 46.0 switched to building with vendored Rust dependencies instead of the distro-provided packages, and some vendored dependency is behaving differently than the packaged version. I am working on updating the Rust dependencies for loupe and snapshot 46.0, so comparing to a build of loupe without vendored sources should be possible soon.

For time being, please use the donwgraded Loupe on F40. Glycin-loaders on F39 & F40 are still the same.
I checked it on my beta installation right now.

Installed Packages
Name         : glycin-loaders
Version      : 0.1.2
Release      : 1.fc39
Architecture : x86_64
Version         : 0.1.2
Release         : 4.fc40
Architecture    : x86_64
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oh, hey. openQA actually caught this a few days ago, but I never got enough roundtuits to figure out what was going on, what with the xz thing and all. thanks for filing it.

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