Loud sound just before the login menu

Hello dear Fedora community,

I upgraded a few months ago from Fedora 31 to 33 successfully on my laptop (Dell Inspiron).
Everything was fine for weeks, until at some point, a huge sound was emitted while booting, just before the Fedora login menu. Since, I install all the updates available, but the problem is still here.

Has anyone had the same problem, or do they have any ideas on how to solve it? I think about a complete reinstall of Fedora, but I’d be glad to have another solution.


Welcome to ask.fedora @alme37

Please type in your terminal:

Alsamixer and check if there a slider with a to high value … decrease it ant see if this happens again. You can navigate with the arrow keys and increase and decrease the slider with arrow up and down.

Thanks, I did it but the problem is still here :frowning:
I forgot to mention it, but it seems to have no link between my problem and the sound level, the sound can be muted when I turn off the computer, the loud sound (some kind of beep) is still here… I wonder if it’s some kind of sound test while booting :thinking:

Hi! The problem was solved with the last Fedora update I did yesterday, so my problem is solved :slight_smile: