Lost: KDE Connect

This is weird. I’m running FC32 with KDE. I need to download some photos from an android phone with KDE Connect. I can load the app to the phone easily enough but can’t find the program on my system and, worse, can’t find it using the usual “dnf install kdeconnect”. I must be doing something stupid. Any suggestions would be appreciated - just be gentle.

KDE Connect comes preinstalled with KDE spin, try searching for it in system menu.

If you can’t find it, this command will show available packages:
dnf search kde | grep connect
and installed ones:
dnf list installed kde* | grep connect

Remember about enabling kdoconnect service for your network zone (I did it only for home and in network connection settings marked trusted networks as such, it depends on where you want to use it) in firewall-config. Update Permanent configuration and OptionsReload Firewalld:

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Bingo. It wasn’t installed! And I’d forgotten that it needed a hyphen. Good, off to the wars.


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