Losing connectivity of pinned tabs in Firefox after reboot--Fedora 37

The connectivity of certain pinned tabs disappears after each reboot. The pin is still there with an “unnable to connect” message in the browser window.
The pinned tabs don’t reconnect after refresh.
Wired internet connection.

Also, rendering video in viewing Reddit posts doesn’t seem to be happening. YouTube is sometimes slow too. New to Fedora. Maybe too many questions? Maybe I shouldn’t be using Fedora?

Hello Leo,

And welcome. There’s quite a lot to unpack here.

So, to be clear, it’s not that the tabs disappear, but rather that you can’t connect to those websites. If that’s indeed the case, could you please edit the thread title, so that it’s clearer for other people who might have the same issue? Do the same tabs work if they are reloaded after a while? How do you connect to the internet? Is Firefox launched before a connection has been established, e.g. in the case of a WiFi connection? Does your computer have a static or a dynamic IP in your local network?

What kind of GPU have you got? Are you running on X11 or Wayland? Have a look at the wiki page about hardware acceleration in Firefox (there’s a planned outage at the moment, if the page is not loading try Google’s cached version) and the recent threads about hardware acceleration with Intel and AMD graphics.

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