Looking to contribute

I’d be happy to contribute an article given that I’m free from uni this week :blush: How do I get started?

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Thanks @mxanthropocene!

Please see here for an explanation of the process for contributing articles to Fedora Magazine.

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Cool, I’ve written up a draft, where do I submit that? :blush:

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Normally, you’d do a proposal before you write the article. But since you’ve already written something, you can upload to our WordPress instance. If the content looks OK for publication on Fedora Magazine, we’ll create a Kanban card to schedule it for editing and publication.


Awesome, I put it into WordPress and submitted for review. Here’s the preview URL: What's new in Fedora Workstation 35 - Fedora Magazine

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@mxanthropocene I had a quick look at the article and it looks pretty good. However, I don’t believe you have signed the FPCA (Fedora Project Contributor Agreement) This is needed before we can proceed.

To sign the FPCA, sign in to your FAS account at https://accounts.fedoraproject.org

  • Select the “Edit Profile” button
  • Find and select the “Agreements” tab
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@mxanthropocene I didn’t realize that you wanted to write the “What’s new in Fedora Workstation” article. At a glance, it looks OK to me. I’m not sure about advertising the Kinoite spin in the article about the new Workstation edition though.

@aday @ngompa @catanzaro @chrismurphy – do any of you have an opinion?

Also, @dulsi was asking about mentioning some new games that are available with Fedora Linux 35. I’d actually be more inclined to mention the games than Kinoite in this article. But again, other opinions are welcome.

@rlengland: It looks like you are currently editing this article. It might help if you set it to “Public Preview” and post the link here so that others can review it more easily.


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Public preview is set and the article is at

I’m not sure about advertising the Kinoite spin in the article about the new Workstation edition though.

I think it’s OK because it’s just a short plug at the end to let users know that something new is available, and the rest of the article is entirely focused on Workstation.

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The article looks mostly fine to me too, but the power modes section is messed up (currently it is a copy/paste of the Software section below it).

Looks like there is too much blank space beneath the headings. Not sure if that is a stylesheet issue or not.

Extraneous paragraph removed from the power modes section. Heading spacing is what comes with the style used in WP as far as I can tell.

The spacing does look excessive to me as well (cf. MAKE MORE with Inkscape – Ink/Stitch). Maybe there are extra (but empty) blocks/paragraphs in the article?

The headers were simply paragraphs with large text. I’ve modified them to be actual headers. Mea Culpa. Does this look better?


Thank you for fixing that, I’m a noob at WordPress and somehow didn’t see the option to make proper headings, and I’ve signed the FPCA now. As for the Power Modes section - I actually had something written for that in my LibreOffice document but somehow managed to copy the wrong thing into WordPress. Mega facepalm on my part!! I’ll fix that now and throw in a mention of those new games at the end.

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Really it should only have what’s new in workstation. There should be another article about Silverblue and One about Fedora CoreOS and One about IoT and One about Kionite and spins too. That way you can do justice to each.