Looking for events at which Fedora has a presence. Is there a calendar?

Looking for a calendar, or recurring in-person sig, or a blog category or mastodon hashtag, or anything like that where I can see all the events where I could meet people working on Fedora, and/or using it.

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You probably want to follow the Announcements category of this forum in general. The weekly Friday’s Fedora Facts are probably what you are interested in specifically.

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This is a good question. The short answer is that we don’t have a good shared calendar for things like this. There is an Events Fedora calendar in https://calendar.fedoraproject.org/Events/ but it is not maintained.

It would be a useful effort to update this Fedocal with relevant events to the wider Fedora community throughout the year.


Other than large events, I’m keen to getting together more casually (even more casual than Hatch) in a local level, so easy to travel and commit time away from home and work.

Which in-person SIGs is most active? Anyone in UK mainland is interested? I could travel up to 100 miles max :slight_smile:

The Fedora budget could support a small budget for funding any local get-together. I’m happy to share more details if it is helpful.


Brilliant. Thanks for sharing this.

I’d suggest looking for local RedHat user Groups in your area. I used to go to RHUGs in Atlanta and many people were like “Use RH for servers, and Fedora for everything else”.

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Thanks. I frequent RedHat London events, but it is quite corporate.

I am hoping to meet with Fedora local SIG members and project contributors.


As an Atlantan (sort of), I’m curious whether they are still active or meeting?

You can find out here:

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I reached out to Regional Events Manager - RHUG & Meetup Program Lead and learned that RHUGs are only in North America.

@jflory7 I made a local meet-up proposal in Mindshare repo.

I have to say: calendar.fedoraproject.org seems entirely unusable. I can’t find future events at all. Maybe there’s nothing? I can’t be sure! Am I missing something?

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Folks just haven’t added their events there from the looks of it—we need to remind folks to do it.

Perhaps we could add this as a step to the Mindshare Committee event review process when we are choosing events to sponsor or that Ambassadors/Advocates will attend with Fedora swag.


Yes please, adding it to the Mindshare review steps would be great.

This page probably needs archiving too: