Looking for a decent cookbook application that works with Windows or Android OS also

Hello all, I’m back online and healing. I have updated Fedora. I’m not able to work much yet, so wanted to start creating my cookbook and want to enter recipes and created some. This way I can pursue my cooking adventures and also give all old recipes to my children from my own, to my mother’s and her mother’s recipes. Can anyone suggest some good software applications for Linux that I can share and use with Windows or Android OS platforms because that’s what my kids are using either android tablets or windows 10 computers. I am anxious to start, and since I cant spend alot of time outside or do heavy lifting figured cooking and learning the Ukulele will have to do…LOL


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A decent text editor could be fine. Plain text should work everywhere.

Check out Paprika Recipe Manager

Hello @garciajdg ,
I found the effort of learning how to use Latex using TexStudio as a flatpak was a good way to make technical manuals, and indeed any typesetting type tasks where you would like to produce a book. You should check it out. Also, if you are into markdown and a bit interested in that approach I find Pulsar to be a good fit, it has numerous templates and themes available and an active community. It was forked from the late Atom project (think MS Visual Studio) and is eminently plug-in-able.

Yes, there’s even a cooking.sty in Latex. \usepackage{cooking}. And LaTex (with a help from dvips), or LuaLaTex - directly, produces nice *.pdf files which are readable and printable from all kinds of operating systems. Learning LaTex might take some time and effort, but it’s worth it. Nice and gentle intro in english is usually found here ... tex/texmf-dist/doc/latex/lshort-english/ (there are also translations present in many other languages). Most recent version of document (i guess) is here: https://tobi.oetiker.ch/lshort/lshort.pdf.