[logs now available] Anaconda DBus modules fail to start on time


Okay, so if it’s not power management, then my next best guess is that Fedora’s not using the new driver. Try creating a file in /etc/modprobe.d named blacklist-rtl8192.conf with the following contents:

install rtl8192cu /bin/true

Then reboot.


Remember when I said this?

Well, it turns out I’m wrong…it works after all :man_facepalming:

I’m so sorry to make you go through all of this…I suppose I could still try editing /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-rtl8192.conf if we want to get wifi working.



Well, I’d say to try it anyway, just to check. FWIW your card uses a Realtek chip, so the Broadcom drivers wouldn’t work anyway.


Yayyy that fixed it! Wifi working fast now.

For future reference, would that fix work for other distros as well? I’m considering setting up a dual boot with Silverblue as my main distro and another distro for the stuff that I need Nvidia drivers for.

Edit: Also thank you very much for helping me for so long and putting up with me :smile:


It should work! Basically, some distros will use the old Realtek driver (rtl8192cu) instead of the new one (rtl8xxxu). When you ran lsmod, I saw the new one but didn’t realize the old one was also being loaded. That fix should work on other distros, too.