Logitech mouse and keyboard slowwwly dragging their feet

I have a Logitech mouse M310 and keyboard K540 wireless combo for Fedora 40 Gnome. I searched around and the closest topic I found is this. Not sure is the same issue, much less how to solve it. This is a System76 workstation.
When I start using my workstation, everything seems fine. Both mouse and keyboard seem responsive. As time passes, both peripherals, but specially the mouse, start becoming unresponsive for fractions of seconds, then for a second or more, until at the end of the day what started as a minor annoyance becomes a crisis.
I tried switching the wireless dongle to other USB plugs, to no avail. In another forum, I learned about solaar and installed it. The only thing that caught my attention is that the mouse’s wireless link is not encrypted; contrary to the keyboard’s which looks fine. Any suggestion I get from here, I will gladly try.
Thanks in advance.

Are you using your setup with an Unifying receiver ?

Do you get battery low message when starting?

  • this can cause interruption of the wireless connection, as longer you work as more it annoys.
    I got interruptions till the mouse was dead.

I also go the feeling, that the power settings alias the power values are incorrect with gnome. Specially if your battery gets low. You have 3 options to check the power value.

  1. In Gnome settings
  2. in Solaar
  3. with inxi -Fzx

You might also check if you can install a new firmware for your dongle if you use Unifying. I could do that in the Software app.

Hi, and thanks. Yes, this is a Unifying receiver. Batteries for both keyboard and mouse look OK. I checked power values with the three methods. The dongle’s firmware is also up-to-date.