Login with iPhone to Fedora 36


I use Fedora 36 on my laptop. My $HOME-folder ist encrypted, so I can’t login with a fingerprint, I have to login with a password and only after login I can use fingerprint.

The problem is that the password entry could be watched. So I’m looking for an option for login with my Smartphone (it’s an iPhone). The need of a cable wouldn’t be a problem.

Are there any options?

When not: are there options with a Ubikey or Nitrokey or something like that? (It shouldn’t be very large, because it would have to fit onto a keychain.)

Thanks in advance!

As long as your iPhone can talk FIDO(2) U2F, you should be able to set yours up with pam using pam-u2f. I have never set this up with an iPhone, but it’s theoretically possible to do with newer Android or iPhone, or any tpm2 device, for that matter. I’ve only done this with SoloTap and YubiKey.

Thank you, I will google FIDO U2F iPhone.
pam-u2f was a helpful hint!

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