Login screen is telling me my password is incorrect

That was sort of what I was driving at with the “What login manager did you install?” question, perhaps uninstalling it from the command line then rebooting would get the user past this hurdle.

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What should I do from here?
I found the two things I installed before this all happened. I don’t recall logging in after installing these in pretty sure I hit the install button in discovery center or whatever it’s called and went about my day eventually closed the laptop and a few days later, after having to plug it back in and then opened it last night this all happened.
Anyways this is what was installed last

Bump, still cannot login due to aforementioned issues.

Can someone please help me fix this? Or point me to somewhere I can get some help?

I’ve removed all my comments per @mortland’s request.

I’m not spamming, I’m trying to get some help and not getting it, or being belittled or told to Google it (prior to coming here) and have no idea what any of that means. How else am I supposed to get help if I’m just going to get ignored or chastised

Would you please confirm:

  1. You can unlock your drive with your encryption password (if applicable)
  2. You can logon form the Text Console
  3. It is the Graphical Logon screen that is rejecting your password (which you have double confirm those are entered correctly by “showing password”) . This is critical, as it will isolate incorrect keyboard layout issues.

If all of the above is Yes, then I would suggest you to further try:

a. Change system default to start to multi-user target instead of graphical target
b. manually start your graphical environment after logon at Text mode

If Graphical environment still reject your password, I would suggest you to install another graphical environment, and use it temporary until your issue can be further investigated and ultimately fixed.

Yes to all 3,. But I have no idea how to manually launch the gui. I was trying to figure that out if it was possible to launch from the (login console? Ctrl alt f3?) The GUI and maybe uninstalling what I did before if possible. But I have no clue on how to do any of what you recommended unfortunately

First of all, logon using Text console.

Switch boot to Multi-user mode by:
sudo systemctl set-default multi-user.target, then reboot. You should got text logon afterwards.

After logon, manually start SDDM by:
sudo systemctl start sddm

See if you can logon at the graphical logon screen.

Reading the problems of other with KDE desktop. Have you tested the the following?

I don’t know how to do that. Is there something that using my live USB drive I used to install it with, help with in some way? Is there some way to roll back to a previous point ? I’m about to just give up and reinstall. But even then, I used a boot manager called REFind to give myself a nicer boot welcome screen rather than text between my Windows and Fedora install… wondering if that will prevent me reinstalling from the live USB…
This really bothers me, I would much rather solve and learn from this. I still don’t understand how I fucked up in the first place other than someone mentioning I can’t install whatever it was, snaps? I don’t get it… What is a snap and why if it didn’t go with my system why did it let it installe

Hello @mortland ,
First of all, are you still having the login issues? You can use the Installation media to rescue a partially not working Fedora system, but I am unsure if the Live Image has a rescue option, I believe it doesn’t. This would definitely help getting the boot working again, it will however likely overwrite any modifications you made to the Grub Menu.
I’m going to check which installation option offers the repair choice. BRB
[Back] I used Fedora Media Writer to make an Installation USB of Fedora Server and rebooted into it with my system. There were three choices, “Test and Install”, “Install without Testing” and “troubleshooting”. Under Troubleshooting you will find “Rescue a Fedora System”.

No, I sure haven’t. It still is just as it was. I’ve been too afraid to mess with it when I boot it up, it still comes to that rex grub loader screen and asks which is I want. Windows 10 on one drive, or fedora on the other drive (2 physical difference m.2 drives 2 tbs). This thread is as far as I have gotten.

Have you tried the rescue method I mentioned? It should be able to get you back to bootability.