Login problem

hello , i tried to install nvidia drivers i follow that guide

reach to step : (systemctl set-default multi-user.target)


after reboot i get to local host login
i tried wt i used to use
username : sudo su
password : ****************

but it give me incorrect login
i tested root as user and pass not working too
can you help me !

‘sudo su’ is not a valid username. It cannot be used directly at the text mode login prompt.

When you install Fedora, you should have an new user created with the “sudo” access.

Login with that user first, then when running command needing the “root” access, just prefix that command with "sudo ".

And root user is locked by default, unless you set a root password during the installation.

You can enable the root account by setting a root passwd afterwards by
sudo passwd root
(then follow the prompt to enter the new password for root, twice.)


You are better off installing the nvidia driver packaged by rpmfusion, see Howto/NVIDIA - RPM Fusion