Login or restart does not turn on second screen when laptop screen is closed

After I write my password to login to my account on the second screen, the second screen goes off, saying the inbuilt prompt no signal from hdmi or something like that. I open my laptop cover to see what is going on I see my Fedora desktop launches and I had actually logged in. Only after that I get the second screen working.

If the primary screen lid is closed and when I login on the second screen, I expect the second screen to keep open and show the desktop.

Note: My laptop screen cover is closed and a second screen is attached with hdmi cable all the time.

That is the normal behavior. The lid switch turns off the display when closed.

What are you intending to have happen? Close the lid and the external monitor stay active?

Be specific in what you think should happen and we may be able to provide guidance.

When using gnome the settings control panel allows setting the displays config which allows selecting only one to be active if desired.
I think that the bios is able to set the action that results from the lid switch as well so it keeps the system active instead of suspending/shutdown when the lid is closed.

But I write my password to login on the second screen. And I naturally expect it to show what comes after login, the desktop.

Interestingly now it works as I expected. I have just tested. I had not changed the Screens settings prior to that test, and it was on combine the screen option (not sure about English translation but it is the first option and not the mirror setting, nor single monitor setting.)

I was expecting, now I get what I expect, and not getting the kind of optional single monitor behaviour: When laptop lid is open it is a combined screen, when laptop lid is closed it is a single second screen setting.

Thanks for questioning and letting me retry. Edited OP to make it clearer.