Lock Screen abrt Notification Alert but abrt app shows No Issues

I’m trying to determine if this is “expected” behavior or if this is a bug that I should report on bugzilla.

Below you see a screenshot of my lockscreen showing a notification from abrt and Files. When I open abrt (“Problem Reporting”) app it is empty stating “No problems detected!” I have no idea what the Files Notification is either. Of course, I don’t get further information by clicking on them so I’m unsure how a user is supposed to clear these Notifications.

  1. Can you clear these notifications from showing up on the lockscreen without just disabling them from showing on the lockscreen?
  2. Is there a place where these Notifications can be viewed in more detail to see what they are referring to? I’m guessing that these are references to old Notifications that I have viewed and dealt with.
  3. Is this “expected behavior” or does this sound more like a bug?

I’m running Fedora 31 Gnome Workstation.

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If you click the clock at the top of your screen while logged in, you will see a full list of these notifications, as well as a button to clear them. You can also click the notifications to see what they’re about (though if you’ve already deleted them in the app, they won’t be visible).


Ok, so this was expected behavior then. I clicked on the clock, and you were right, they were there, but they were over 2 weeks old. The files was about it being safe to remove the flash drive. The abrt one was about an error that was logged and sent over two weeks ago. Apparently these notifications don’t go away until you view and click on them through the clock in Gnome, even if the notifications are no longer relevant.

Thanks for pointing me in this direction. I kind of think that when you delete a report from the abrt app that the notification should disappear, but for the time begin this seems to be the programmed and expected behavior so it is not a bug that needs to be reported.


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