Location of /etc/fstab in Silverblue/Kinoite?

Tl;dr: need to know the absolute path of where Kinoite/Silverblue keeps /etc/fstab.

A bit of backstory: My system has ssd+hdd. It runs off the ssd, and I want to use bind mounts from hdd storage to home directory on ssd. I’ve struggled setting this up on non-immutable systems, but Kinoite is even more of a challenge, with the symlinking from /var/home and such.
In any case, I made a bad edit to /etc/fstab and now /home/user is inaccessible, making the system unbootable.
I booted into a recovery usb-stick, decrypted and mounted the nvme0n1p3 partition. I can’t seem to find /etc anywhere, and the directory layout is different from what I’m used to.

The short answer is that /etc isn’t part of the paths that are redirected to /var by default, so /etc/fstab should still work, but there are some considerations for /etc paths on ostree upgrades, for example : Adapting existing mainstream distributions - ostreedev/ostree

This is the directory hierarchy when mounting the partition at /sysroot/ of the recovery usb stick:


/root/boot/ —>empty
/root/dev/ —>empty
/root/home/ —>empty
/root/proc/ —>empty
/root/root/ —>empty
/root/run/ —>empty
/root/sys/ —>empty
/root/tmp/ —>empty


I check the “boot” directories, and find this:


These directories look like they each contain a version of the usual linux root directory tree. Exploring further, it seems like they are symlinked together. Editing boot.1.1/etc/fstab applies the same changes to boot.1/etc/fstab.

You should be able to find /etc/fstab in /sysroot/ostree/deploy/fedora-coreos/deploy/<boot-devployment-hash>.0/etc/