Liveinst Crashes


I am no longer able to boot a fedora 36 installation with encrypted root partition. I do not know what happened, my password stopped working. So I thought I would reinstall fedora without the complication of a encrypted root partition.

I have tried the latest Fedora 37 KDE spin version 1.7, Fedora 37 Workstation versions 1.7, and Fedora 36 KDE spin version 1.6 all of the fail with what appears to be the same error. Two windows pop up the first

"An unknown error has occurred

This program has encountered an unknown error. You may report the bug below or quit the program."

I cannot expand the More info drop down. The other message appear behind the first message, I can only read the first three lines

"The following error occurred while setting up the payload. This is a fatal error and installation with be aborted.

Failed to resolve the Live OS image."

I have tried three images they all fail. The error log is too long to include in this message.

I remembered my password. I have added a second passphrase to the luks filesystem and I have updated my passphrase in my KeePass database.

I am not sure why the anaconda failed. I try to run install after decrypting the root filesystem.